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I am thinking of buying my first set...

I am thinking of buying my first set of quickdraws. How many of them (total) would you recommend to get ? Which length ?
Thanks in advance !

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10-12 in the 11cm length would be a good start. That will be enough to get you up most routes.

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I would get 10 - 12. For size I would get 11cm and a couple 17cm (for the anchors and such). With that said, I have no problems with lighter quickdraws and smaller biners. I know the reviews here say otherwise, but it's all about practicing your clipping. If you still want heavy stiff nylon draws look into CAMP USA Orbit Express Nylon Quickdraw. They are lighter (93g vs 104g), cheaper ($14.95 vs $23.95), and the opening on the bent gate is wider than the spirit (24mm vs 20mm).