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Gear Question

I am new to this having to ask Questions...

I am new to this having to ask Questions but we do not get these packs where I come from, so what I need to know is this out of these three packs what one would you lot say is the best, MH BMG 105, Argon110 or the Gregory Denali 105. I will be in the US later this year to bry one and up grade my camping gear(we pay over the top for good camping gear in New Zealand and Australia) the pack will be doing alot of mountains,river's, hills, in and out of vehicles and planes and will be loaded up to 40kg some times but mostly around the 30 to 35kg mark.

Thanks for all answer's


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Hey Craig,

In my opinion, the best pack will be the one that fits you the best. I know that the Denali and the Argon are both custom-fitting (you can interchange different sized hip-belts and shoulder harnesses to better custom fit your body-type) but I don't know about he BMG...

Also, the Argon comes with a special hipbelt that is heat-moldable so that you can get an even better fit.

But really, when you get here to buy a pack the best solution is to find a store that carries both and try them on. That may be difficult as few retail stores carry these large packs so finding both in a store will be hard. But trying it on will be best for figuring out which will fit you best when loaded up with 30-40kg of weight... But I'm leaning towards the Argon 110 OR the Denali 105.