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Hi, I am looking for a ski that will preform...

Hi, I am looking for a ski that will preform really well on rails with a ton of flex for buttering that will still be stiff enough for stomping big jumps. I'm caught up between the Halo"s and the Alpha 1's, what do you suggest? Also I am looking for a binding that can take alot of abuse without blowing up on me (probably metal) what bindings would be best?

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Halos will have a softer feel and butter a lot easier. Halos handle jumps fine but are definitely softer. I would recommend if you spend more time on rails the halos, but if you are hitting big jumps often the alphas will definitely be the ticket. Bindings I would suggest the rossignol FKS or the look pivots. Both super strong and sweet bullet proof and safer turntable design.