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Hi! I am interested in using an inflatable...

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Hi! I am interested in using an inflatable kayak on a trip in which I will be on the ocean. Are some kayaks' material better suited for the ocean? Or is there something that you do to make the kayak "ocean-ready," some sort of sealant or something you would apply?


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Generally speaking, ocean-going kayaks are designed to be long and narrow for the sake of following a straight line, and speed. This kind of inflatable boat has a huge amount of surface area above water opposed to what's below so it will be tossed around by any amount of wind you'll encounter. Also probably won't be the most comfortable for long periods of time out on the water. There isn't really anything to "apply" to make a boat an ocean kayak, it's all about the design.

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Yes, most definitely do NOT use a Lynx I on an ocean trip. You'll HATE it! It was designed for whitewater stability and is a SLOW BARGE on flatwater. An Aire Super Lynx is designed for flatwater use and can also be used in mild rapids, but it is very heavy. I would suggest looking to Innova boats for your pleasure. They are light weight, strong, well designed, and their hull speeds cannot be matched except by hardshells. Hull speed is EVERYTHING on flatwater.