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Hi, I am going on a mountain goat hunt in...

Hi, I am going on a mountain goat hunt in Alaska where I live. I am wanting to buy a bivy that I can pack with me in the event that I get stuck on the mountain OR need to spike camp for a couple three days. I can expect rain and/or snow that time of year and want a bivy that I will not get soaked in. Do you think this would work for me or is there something else that you would reccomend. I am also looking for a sleeping bag liner that I can use in conjunction with my Big Agnes 0 degree bag. I will also be wanting to carry the liner with me in case I get stuck on that mountain to use with the bivy. Thank you in advance for your help, Len Mann

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in SE bivys are a bad idea go with a botomless tent they are lighter then tents and provide good protection from the wether.

i know a guy that uses a botomless tent goat hunting he loves it, his big problem with bivys is that you cant shoot from inside them (he has ben mauled by a bear and goat teritory is serious bear teritory) another big problem is you can't field strip a weapon in a bivy

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Try leaving those Goats alone. Shoot pictures of them instead.