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Hi I am 6' 1" and usually wear size 32-34...

Hi I am 6' 1" and usually wear size 32-34 in jeans etc. Just wondering what would be the ideal size to order these pants in small or medium?

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At 6'1", I don't imagine anything "small" will fit you lengthwise. I would choose a medium at least or else you'll end up with some waterproof clam-diggers!

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I'm 6' and 32 waist, I have the mediums and they fit a little big on me. Depends if you want the baggy boarder look or something more fitted, you could probably wear either just fine

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I'm just short of 6'1 with a 31.5 inch waist and the small fits me just about perfect. Not too short at all. If you're above 32.5 or more then roll with the mediums as the small might be a little tight