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Does Zippered vents means that I can...

Does Zippered vents means that I can close the bottom and door vents during cool nights? I am deciding between Meadowland 6 and Montain Manor 6 and I wonder which one allows me more ventilation control...

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That's what it means, but the ceiling is all mesh on both tents. On the Mountain Manor, the lower vents and door vents zip up, so it should be the one that will give you the best control, especially since you were concerned about wind blowing through the lower mesh in one of your previous questions. Even with the fly on, that's where you're going to feel it coming in first.

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The cieling should be less concern since the wind blows mostly on the sizes, but I wonder is air heated buy my family of 4 sleeping in the tent would vent faster in a mesh ceiling and make the tent fiil colder. My old 3-seasons TNF stratos, purchased in the late ninties, has zipped venting in the ceilling. I wonder if the stop doing that becuase it is unncesary or just toreduce costs.