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Do you have size 23 for Salomon Idol...

Do you have size 23 for Salomon Idol Origins Women's ski Boot. I only have 22.0 and 23.5 as a choice on your website. Please let me know.

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Backcountry's über-smart warehouse practically runs itself, if they have the item it's already on the site.Since the ski season is over and the new '08-'09 lines are coming in, dealers have what they have. This means they have what they have.I will let you in on a ski boot manufacturing secret though, the outer shell is the exact same for a half size when it comes to ski boots. I'd buy the 23.5, put in a slightly thicker insole, and (like magic!) you'll have a 23.0 boot. If it doesn't work out for you, Backcountry's killer return policy has your back.Good luck!