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Hey, would I be better off on the 144 or...

Hey, would I be better off on the 144 or the 147? I'm 5'6" and 138lbs. I ride a lot of rails and occasional jumps but nothing over 30ft. I know I'm over the weight limit for the 144 but would it make a huge difference in pop or flex?

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You would definitely be better off with the 147 if it was between the 144 and 147. I'm 2 inches shorter than you and 20 pounds left and I would go for the 147, so I'd recommend the 150 for you.

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i would for sure go for the 144 if i were you! if your riding rails and 30 foot jumps than a 144 is perfect. the rocker will also make it feel a little longer when your carving to the park, and the short size will make a huge difference in the maneuverability that you need to ride jibs. i weigh 210 and I'm 5'11" and i only ride a 150 and i hit 40's on it.

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Hey I am also 5'6" and about 140 pounds. Although I am not quite sure whether I am going to go for this board or the Arbor Draft, I do know that I am going to get a size 150. A 150 will just be a little bigger and be more versatile while not sacrificing the ability to press and do rails. The Artifact Rocker is a soft board so it will be easy to press even in a slightly larger size, and I know from personal experience you do NOT want a board that is too small. This will just cause a lack of pop and it will be way too easy to go "over the handlebars" on presses. So basically the larger size will give you more pop, more stability, better jumping, better carving, and will not sacrifice anything. If you REALLY don't want to get the 150, AT LEAST go for the 147, you may be sorry if you go smaller. While you may be able to do the same stuff, it will be more difficult and not as fun. Plus the 150 looks really sick but that's just my opinion. =)

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thanks for all the help guys! I really appreciate it