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Hey will my Ride LX bindings fit on this...

Hey will my Ride LX bindings fit on this board? I have a crap board called the morrow radium and its so stiff that you cant even press it after a full year season. Is the Blunt gonna hold up on 30+ foot jumps? I wanted to get an artifact but I'm not going to ride a pink board.

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Hey Scott, the Blunt is definitely a more "progressive" snowboard. You can probably bomb a 30ft kicker but 40ft and above; I would not attempt unless you're a sick rider. I won't feed you a bunch of b.s. but I don't really know if your Ride's will fit on this board. I did a demo on a Blunt a while was a great board for the money and I could ollie all day with her. Very snappy, not super light-weight, but seriously, for the money, it's a great board. Hope this helps bro! Board safe.

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YES! Your Ride LX binding will come with a disk that will work on the board.

The blunt will hold up no problem on 30+ foot jumps. You'll be stoked movin' on from that Morrow.

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What Ryan said is true. They will fit now problem. This board is pretty fun. You will be stoked.

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I'm about to order that, dude I'm so happy. and I bet i can get at least $50 for that Morrow at a ski swap. I know that it's gonna have pop because my friend cleared a whole 25foot box with one. too bad we tried to film it and he clipped his nose and broke his collarbone.