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Hey what skin do you recommend for Scottybob...

Hey what skin do you recommend for Scottybob headrush??

Length 184cm waist 90mm x 130mm

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How to skin a scottybob Headrush !hey there here is the answer everyone is looking for. Get yourself a pair of BD STS Skins appropriate length and width of course. lay them out over the ski. For a 167cm ski I used a 125mm skin. now do the unthinkable . On the tail strap about 2/3 of the way away from the tail apply a G3 twin tip connector. slide that over the bobtail. make sure to stetch your skin forward to the tip of the ski. Then follow Bd s instructions to install the adjustable tip loop. This is a bombproof setup and you dont have to compromise the integrity of the ski. Lets face it you don twant to hack your skis with a fucking dremel tool. The only drawback to this set up is you may need to bring a peice of chord w some sort of hook on it to get the skin on and off of your ski in the backcountry. Small price to pay to save the structural integrity of your ski. Hope this helps love to hearyour comments