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Hey guys, looking for a bit of advice. I'm...

Hey guys, looking for a bit of advice. I'm really not a climber or a mountaineering guy or even a skier, but was brought to this site while searching for WARM winter jackets that I can use for cold midwestern winters walking around town. My question is, is this a jacket that will look appropriate in an urban setting, or will I look like I'm on an expedition? Warmth is priority number one to me, but style is also important. I know the DAS isn't going to be the most fashionable coat around, but is it decent looking as an everyday coat?

Second question, I'm 6'0" 155lbs, I'm planning on wearing only one or two layers underneath, and I like my jackets kinda form fitting. With that in mind should I go with a S or an XS?

thanks much!!

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Great question, thanks for asking. I think a DAS Parka in black would blend in just fine in the Mid West, and is definitely a super warm choice to get you through nasty winters. Between a S and XS I think you should go Small for sure, XS would be too short in the waist. hope that helps!