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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy these shoes...

Hey guys, I'm looking to buy these shoes and was wondering what size may be good for me? I'd like a performance fit. Here are my sizes in some other shoes for reference:

VMile - 40.5/8
Dragon - 43/9
Five ten teams - 9.5
Boreal krypto - 40.5
sportiva solution - 40.5/41

any advice would be heavily appreciated, thanks!

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The Scarpa sizing chart is pretty spot on. Go with 1/2 size smaller than your normal shoe size for a tight, but not too tight fit. The rubber over the toe keeps you from being able to go to small and crunch your toes up in the box.

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I would second Ryan's response . This model is not going to stretch a whole lot. 41 may be good for you .