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Hey guys,

How wide are these in comparison...

Hey guys,

How wide are these in comparison to other ThirtyTwo boots? I have a pair of 2010 Prions (they're a size 13 and I'm a size 12 so they're too big / don't ask me why I got them) and they refuse to fit in the Rome SDS 390 bindings I just got (a buddy works at a local ski shop and got them for me for $100 / the bindings are a size L/XL).
I'm a little annoyed about the boots not fitting right, because they fit fine into my old Forum Faction bindings that were previously on the board. I know that I need a smaller boot (size 12); I just would like to know if I should even bother looking at getting a pair of these and knowing that they're small enough to fit into the Romes