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Hey I've had 3 172 NS Premier boards, loved...

Hey I've had 3 172 NS Premier boards, loved them all. Wondering about the Titan though.

I ride steeps, pow, trees and fast. I don't ride freestyle really at all. Did the Premier go from their big mountain directional to a twin tip this year?

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yeah it looks like a twin, although its still a great board for what you ride, Never Summer's camber/rocker design is great for stability at high speeds and gives you great flotation in pow. You can't beat their 3 year warranty either

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Update here... gotta say that the rocker makes the board more forgiving and easier to ride. But that isn't why i liked these boards in the past. they were full on ready to charge, now they are alittle more washy... when you really want the nose or tail to hold and give it flexes and poops out.

bottom line i don't think i'll get the premier again, and will aim for the titan- i just wish it came in a 172.