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Hey. I've demoed these beauties and am...

Hey. I've demoed these beauties and am almost ready to pull the trigger. I'm an advanced intermediate skier. What bindings to you recommend!

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Hey Linda O Leisure,

The right binding for you is going to depend on what your personal DIN setting is. Find out an estimate of that at this link:

Then, the safest binding for you will be the one where your DIN setting falls closest to the middle of the DIN range of the binding. For example: if your personal DIN setting is a 7, you would want a binding with a DIN range that starts off around 3 at its lowest setting and has around an 11 for its highest setting.

Finally, don't forget to buy a binding with wide enough brakes for the ski. You want to be at least 4mm under to 10mm over what the waist measurement of the ski is (this ski is 88mm so a binding with a 90mm brake should do the trick).