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I'm 6' 2"/225 lb, and while I was...


I'm 6' 2"/225 lb, and while I was looking at the Ride Machete 164W, I heard good things about the Joystick. I ride east coast grooms/all mountain and never in the park. Is this board a good fit?

I have 2 pairs of boots - '09 Ions 11.5 and '08 Lashed 12.


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I'm 6'2/ 200lb. Love the board! I ride the 159 and can't say enough good things about it. vrocker is so skatey and all mountain friendly yet still will pull you over the board if your a bit backseat on the landing. kills at buttering ( all rockers seem to though) I liked that although it has the rocker its not super loose, there is still a good amount of snap! Size 11.5 to 12 boots... I have 12's and ride the wide.