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Hey I was wondering what the difference...

Hey I was wondering what the difference is between a 12mm draw and an 18mm (besides length of course) but which one would you prefer to buy and why I guess is what I'm asking?

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Brianna, there are a few uses with a longer sling on a quickdraw:
1. If the quickdraws are already on the wall, a longer sling will allow you to clip the rope a bit sooner.
2. When a climb is not "centered", the longer sling gives the rope more lateral maneuverability on the wall and decreases carabiner drag.
3. When a piece of protection is placed (ex: in a deep crack on trad climb) a longer sling will allow the bottom carabiner to hang freely outside of the crack.

The downside to the longer sling is that it does increase weight.
If your building a climbing gear "rack", versatility is nice and you could get a few of each size.

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Thank you so much, my really good friend who usually guides me on all rock climbing is doing an 80 mile hike through the colorado mountains and i have no way to talk to him for a week. But they are on sale so I wanted to get them soon. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me such a helpful response.