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Hey, I want to buy biners for my 8mm dyneema...

Hey, I want to buy biners for my 8mm dyneema slings to make alpine extendable quickdraws. Im debating on buying Wild Country Nitros or Astros for that purpose. I saw Astro and they seem a little bit to small, but they are lightweight. I see opinions that Nitros are bigger - full sized biners so they would fit my hand better I think, but they are heavier than astros.. On the other hand its only 7gram per biner and I would have max 12 of them in my backpack. I have climbed only with full sized biners so I don't know if size difference is really an issue. Some say that its harder to clip in into smaller ones.. I dont know which to choose. Im kinda into Nitros - Thin, lightweight sling and a slightly heavier biner - Nitro (but a full sized, friendly size and still lighter than most full sized biners)? Anyone ?