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I have the poc receptor bug helmet ...

I have the poc receptor bug helmet and I was wondering if these goggles would fit well with it.


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Hi Bill,
I have the Skull X helmet and the small Iris X goggle (I'm female) and I've been wearing both for several years now. So the answer is an emphatic YES! Any of the POC goggles is compatible with their helmets. I just purchased a second pair of Iris X goggles from BC since they were on sale and I wanted a backup pair. I love these goggles. Just don't leave them on your helmet when you remove the helmet from your head and you are carrying the helmet:} They will fall off and scratch the lenses or worse, you will lose them. Put them inside the helmet in their bag. The back of the bands on all of the POC goggles has non-skid rubber. This keeps them in place while you are wearing them without a goggle clip. You can still push them up in the front and they will stay in place. But they will definitely fall off the helmet if you are carrying the helmet with them on the helmet. You will love any of the goggles with the helmet. I really like the blue lens that comes with the Iris X.
I had a new pair (one season) of the Zeal photochromatic goggles when I first bought the POC stuff. I couldn't wear them with the POC helmet because they didn't have the non-skid rubber. But I like the lenses on the Iris X much more than the Zeal, and I also like the way they fit my face. Hope this helps.