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Here goes again!!! Any one know about the...

Here goes again!!! Any one know about the quality of a Rossignol S1 Xuim Skate ski?? Does it compare with Soloman Equip 10 or fischerr 187 RCFin quaity and proformance??

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How much and when should the course and fine Brass bruss be used.. after waxing the final app. ??? JERRY

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The Rossi Xium N1S1 is a comparable ski to the Fischer RCS, however they will have different handling characteristics. Much in the way that a Ferrari and a McLaren are both very fast cars, but they drive very differently. Also, brass brushes are used for cleaning wax from the base, the corse brush should be used before waxing, and a stiff nylon brush followed by a horse hair polishing brush should be used for preparation.

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