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Help - Warrant vs Revert...
Hello everyone...

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Help - Warrant vs Revert...
Hello everyone - I ski on the BD Megawatts with Fritschie Freeride Pros for pow and use the older K2 Seth Viscious with Baron's as my all mountain ski. The K2s are far too heavy beyong slack country and I am looking for a lighter yet all round solution for laid back touring as well as staying in bounds and coming across likely crude, crust, and bumps. So in an ideal world, the Drift and then the Warrant make the most sense but I need to find the best possible solution encompassing both these skis. Is the Revert the right choice for this? I live outside of Zurich and can tour from my backyard for reggae turns but also like to explore the terrains of La Grave, Hokkaido, and Whistler on semi-annual trips. The advice is much appreiated and thanks very much!

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The warrant is heavy. I'd call it an inbounds or slackcountry-only ski. The revert is about a pound lighter but a totally different ski. The Revert is a mini fun shaped ski, so if you like a soft-flexing jib ski, you'll like the revert. If you like a stiffer ski for going forward and that does better at speed and for carving, you'll like something like the Warrant. For me, the G3 Zenoxide fits the bill of being an all-mountain, lightweight touring ski that can handle any condition.