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just received a pair of these in...

just received a pair of these in size 10.5 US. While my right foot fits perfect, my left foot is slightly bigger and feels slightly constrained at the pinky toe. I have a wide forefoot and had a pair of rei medium weight hiking socks on.

In anyone's experience, will these break-in after more use or should I consider bumping up to a size 11 (just don't want them to be too big) and the right foot is damn near perfect. Also, on downhills, do your toes generally start banging up towards the top? I have half inch space from toe to front on both feet it feels like. Thanks in advance to everyone. Cheers!!!

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These do not really "stretch " like a leather boot. I went up in size for similar reasons and I have not felt clumsy or as if I'm In clown shoes or flippers. Never looked back , I think this us due to the nimble feeling from the light weight and the lacing from the ankle up provides for a snug and glove like fit compared to heavier leather boots.
Good luck