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Hello, for the longest time, these Roc...

Hello, for the longest time, these Roc pants were $29.99 or so. I ordered 4 pairs. then you dropped price down to 23.99 and I thought that was really a good deal, so when I got ready to order 4 more pairs, you jumped the price to $40.00. I was "furious". Don't you know times are hard for alot of us hard working people, and we are desperately looking for a good deal. Why couldn't you have just left it I won't buy from you all again. the price should just be the price!!




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Greg, sale prices do not stay on sale forever and generally return to the suggested price. If you find a lower price at another site or let them know that it was recently on sale they may honor that price. It wouldn't hurt to talk to a sales rep and discuss it.