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Hello - Will these boots fit into a Marker...

Hello - Will these boots fit into a Marker Duke / Baron Binding?

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Sorry, but Hayden has his facts 100% backa**wards! All versions of Marker's Baron/Duke bindings feature an adjustable toe height on the front binding, meaning they can be adjusted both in height, and in length (from the rear binding) to fit ANY ski boot. I know, because I regularly alternate between Dynafit Titan UL AT boots and Salomon Falcon Alpine boots on my Barons. What is more, Salomon's binding HAS ZERO TOE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT, meaning there is only one AT boot you can be 100% sure of fitting their binding: Salomon. (Funny how that works). There is only one caveat to the "Marker fits all boots" rule: Marker makes their binding in a Small and Large size. Dynafit, and most other AT boots will tend to have shorter sole lengths than an alpine boot of the same Mondo size. If your alpine boots are at the small end of the fit spectrum for your size Large Barons/Dukes, your new AT bootsoles could potentially be too short, and the binding might not be able to adjust far enough forward to maintain adequate forward pressure at the heel piece. The punchline: if you're worried about this, check your current Alpine bootsole length and the Marker bootsole-length charts PRIOR to purchasing any new AT boot. Happy shopping!