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Hello. I want to purchase this bag but...

Hello. I want to purchase this bag but can't decide on length. I am 5'11.5" and will use this bag for 3 season use. Regular or long?!?!?!?! Thanks.

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I agree with Arthur. I am between 71-72", 160lbs, and I use the regular size in Marmot sleeping bags. I am comfortable with the amount of space it provides. No need for the extra 6" like Arthur said.

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I am 5'10 and use this in a regular and find it quite roomy. I don't think you will need the extra 6" of the long.

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i agree that regular is the right size. if you got the long, you would have an extra 6.5 inches of bag you would need to warm and it would decrease the performance of the bag.