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Have the heel riser and other durability...

Have the heel riser and other durability issues with the heel been addressed?
What is the weight savings of the new model over the old?
Has the ski brake been fixed and does it have an AFD?

I really like the idea of this binding and it's adjustability for multiple users, especially compared to the 12.5mm range of the new Dynafit Radicals.

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Heel riser issue was fixed. The pins on which the risers rotate now have heads on them.
No weight savings between winter 10/11 and winter 11/12 (no penalty either).
Brake was fixed in winter 2010. Brake does not have a sliding AFD.
G3 Onyx has 33mm of adjustment. But the Dynafit Radical actually has 25mm of adjustment (12.5mm each direction).