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Have anyone try the impermeability of this...

Have anyone try the impermeability of this tent ,when someone inside touch the walls or the roof wile it’s raining? I ask this cuss this is a single wall tent that kind of worries me, I fear that if I’m inside this tent in heavy rain and accidentally touch the tent walls or the roof it will start to leak inside.

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Hi Amrath, of two different single wall tents and a hybrid 1/2 single-wall + 1/2 fly style tent I have found that they are definitely impermeable to rain- in other words, waterproof.

But therein lies the problem of staying dry: unless the tent is made of BREATHABLE material OR has a LOT of cross ventilation the condensation is what will soak you - not the rain. How much condensation forms depends on wind, humidity and temperature. The ultimate "single wall tent" is a tarp and a ground cloth or a fly+ footprint.

With a tent and fly, condensation settles outside the tent wall and on the fly. The humidity, temperature, wind, etc almost don't matter because you till have a tent wall between you and the fly and condensation.

My favorite tent is my 1/2+1/2 hybrid. It's neat because you can go to sleep with the "1/2 fly" rolled back for star-gazing and if needs be you can button up with little effort if the weather changes in the middle of the night. The tent is about 20% lighter than it's full-fly cousin.

My opinion on this Phoenix 2: it looks like it has LOTS of screen and therefore cross ventilation. There are vestibules instead of a separate instead of a separate 1/2 fly like my hybrid so there is one less thing to carry. It definitely looks to have more headroom. I may just have to order one. This will prompt my wife to say "how many tents do you need??" Well, I am not getting rid of my trusty old NorthFace, my Kelty, or my Eureka any time soon :D