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Has anyone used both the BCX6 and BCX10...

Has anyone used both the BCX6 and BCX10 Rossi touring boots? Does not seem to be much of a difference between the 2 models, is the BCX10 worth the extra $?

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I ordered these BCX10, and I own an older pair of BCX7 (look just like this year's BCX6) . I returned the BCX10 as they didn't seem any different in support around the ankle. The bottom seemed a little stiffer on the BCX10. I didn't take them out on the snow, so cannot say for sure, but they felt exactly the same, but I little higher velcro strap. I really like my BCX7's - the zipper tab is broken and the toggle that tightens the lacing is loosening up. I wanted the same boot with a little more support, but don't think there is much different

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I replaced my BCX7s with BCX10's a few weeks ago, and have skied them 35 or 40 times. I just put up a review on Amazon, if you're interested. To answer your specific question, yes they are noticeably stiffer than the lower-numbered models, and I definitely have more control on my turns than I did with my old boots. I disagree with hapt41761, though I know where he's coming from; the feel is much the same as the BCX7s when you first put them on. After skiing them, though, I can tell you that you will find it significantly easier to turn your skis in BCX10s than in BCX7s. But the X10s still have that darned cordlock problem; you can't keep them tight. So if you can find an Alpina Alaska or something similar in your size, I would say you should go for it.

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Anybody considered swapping the laces out for some thicker flat one to get more support and they don't untie as easy.