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Has anyone tried both the Petzl Cordex...

Has anyone tried both the Petzl Cordex Belay/Rappel Glove and the Petzl Cordex *Lightweight* Belay Glove? Interested in a comparison. . .does it boil down to desired weight (warm vs colder temps, dexerity, etc.)? Thanks!

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I believe there is only one glove, the "Cordex", which is advertised and is actually a "lightweight" belay/rappel glove. I have used this glove and it is indeed lightweight. If you want something lighter then I suggest a driving glove. These are great gloves and if you try on several pairs, you will inevitably will find one pair a bit thinner (due to the nature of leather) than the others.

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there's two check it out: (these are the ones which came when i ordered...)