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Has anyone had any condensation issues...

Has anyone had any condensation issues with this tent? I have a Nemo Gogo bivy and love it. Even with a single wall I don't have any complaints about the bivy, and I've spent quite some time in it up here in Alaska. I've seen some bad reviews for this tent on REI's website due to condensation. Any problems, or are they just whiners?

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I'm sure you read my review already, but the most moisture I've seen using this tent was condensation on the ceiling above my head and on my sleeping bag around my my mouth. Given the conditions, this would have occurred in any tent without a doubt. It had rained, there was no breeze all night, it dropped to 30�, and 100% humidity all night. I had no moisture on the floor of the tent, and I used a small pack towel to wipe up the ceiling condensation.
The design of this tent provides decent ventilation for a single wall tent, but doens't prevent condensation