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Has any one who own the Kode 22 , been...

Has any one who own the Kode 22 , been using it in the summer -
as a mountain biking pack?

How would the pack fit on a curved pack while riding ?
How does it sit in the upper area - since there is no adjustability in the shoulder straps . Would there be an issue of my helmet hitting the top of the pack?

I like the fack that it has a HDPE back panel , to prevent stuff poke-ing ones back and to keep the packs shape.

Thanks for any replies.


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Sorry Eric - not the right pack at all for mt biking. Too much structure. Buy another pack for mt biking - the Osprey Raptor 10 or Raptor 14. you will love it!

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hey eric,

The only time I use it in the summer when im traveling on a plane. Other than that its strickly for my backcountry tours. A suggestion i have for you is the osprey raptor. I one one and it has a helmet latch which works great.