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HEY i love the look of this board the neon...

HEY i love the look of this board the neon pink is so cool! im a girl btw! but the problem is iim small and im worried the 147 wont fit me! witch rly sucks cause i want this board so bad! tell me what u think im 4"9 and about 95 lbs could the 147 fit!? it would be my first board but i alrdy no how to snowboard i love the park so im lookin for a good park board to help me get better at my jumps and ramps so what do u think!?

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147 seems really long for a 95 lbs girl for park. also, if by "ramps" you mean pipe, rockered boards are not the best. at your size you might actually be better off a kid's deck, or on the very short end of a girl's deck. sorry

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renne a 147 would be way to big for you due to what this board is made for. it is sweet and youd prolly look hot ridin with it but like pk said check girl boards. this will be to wide and big and you wount be able to flex right. check the k2 va va voom rocker. its a rocker jib-board designed for girls and you might like it