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Greetings all, Thanks sooo much in advance...

Greetings all, Thanks sooo much in advance for answering this!!!! So i just recieved the 185's ( version) as a gift and I must say they look great, love the stiffness/rocker profile, but still have a few questions/concerns?!?! ABout me: 26yo, level II PSIA Instructor, very strong (college football player, nearly 5'10" and weight fluctuates between 185-200lbs. I ski aspen snowmass (100+ days per season) and looking for a big mtn ski with everyday/powder capablities ( i know, i I ski steep and deep (hlands bowl), trees, technical culoirs,medium to large cliffs, inevitable groomers and inevtiable bumps etc. Now to ?'s... First, is this a true big mountain free ride ski for resort use with regular alpine bindings? Will i regret not having something with more weight and more popular for resort like the Blizzard Cochise?? Dont get me wrong, these may be the best skis in the world, i just have no experience with g3 and cannot find anyone locally who does. and i am not going to use these for touring cept the occasional side country hike etc. Where should I mount these for a free ride style? I like to ski aggressive and fast; but also like to butter, smear, surf,and turn the big mountain into a terrain park. Is the mounting AT line to far back for this? Also, is 185 the right length for me? I know rockered skis ski short but with this nearly flat camber im not exactly sure. I want to get it right before unwrapping and mounting these. Thanks soooo much, pleeeeasseee help a fellow skier out with some beta!! Happy skiing all!! Its almost here (in western colorado)