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What are the differences between...


What are the differences between the MSR Waterworks, the Waterworks II, and the MiniWorks EX? We use, and dearly LOVE an old Katadyn Pocket filter, but recently got a new Waterworks for a very good deal. Your thoughts and comment will be appreciated. Thanks, and God Bless!

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The water works has an extra paper like element. So the water works is a 2 stage filter. The second stage is basically a back up to the ceramic element. The sec onstage does have to be replaced, although not that often because clean water is flowing throughout he filter at that point. The mini works is just a one stage ceramic element. The mini works will have a faster flow rate then the water works and the pocket. The Water Works are no longer made. You will be able to get the secondary filter for a few more years. The mini works and the water works ceramic elements are the same.