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Got a question, Im thinking about putting...

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Got a question, Im thinking about putting these on my bentchetlers, and im buying a pair of titans for some new boots. Question is im trying to decide whether to put these guys on my pow skis or just keep regular alpine bindings on them. I plan on doing about 50 % inbounds 30 % sidecountry and 20% backcountry. I ski pretty hard and plan on doing some drops and all that. Would these be a good choice?

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Garrett, These are a good choice if your priority leans toward the sidecountry and backcountry. The drawback to tech system(Dynafit) bindings is their lack of elasticity. You are either in or you're out. Alpine or alpine-style AT bindings (Atomic Tracker, Marker Duke, etc.) can suck up excess forces better. OTOH, tech bindings are MUCH lighter and give you a more direct , ie torsionally rigid, connection to the ski.
Your call...

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Thanks for the answer, when you lock the binding in full tour mode does that mean your pretty much welded in the the binding? or will it release like if it was in an higher din. In the video im sure Hoji has them in tour mode, I dont want to have to worry about getting hurt while ripping in the backcountry.

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If you crank the toe lever into tour mode, you pretty much lock yourself in, i.e. NO Release. (OK, it's kinda like a DIN of 45!) If you are in a situation where you absolutely cannot have your ski come off, it may make sense. Otherwise, you are only being mean to your knees and making your orthopedic surgeon rich!

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Garrett/ Sandy... Garrett, hey did you end up with the Dynafits? I am looking to do the same exact thing that you are doing.. Bent s with the fits on them... I will be doing the same stuff as you, drops, groomers, pow, charging and chutes.. I am torn between the Black Diamond Diamir Fritchis or Dynafits... I am lil wiery about how high the Fritchie sits off the ski with the boot in.. Any suggestions?? Thanks