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For an impending thru-hike of the PCT, I...

For an impending thru-hike of the PCT, I am debating between three different pairs of hiking shoes that will need to be appropriate for sections of the trail which will inevitably range from scalding to frigid, if all my research done up to now serves me well. That being said, I have narrowed down my choices to either these, the Salomon X Ultra GTX Hiking Shoe, or the Teva Riva eVent Hiking Shoe.
Anyone recommend one over the others, and if so, why? Any input, suggestions, or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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I can only comment on the Salomon X Ultras, I traded out a pair of them for the salewas. The Salomons are a good shoe although I found the fit to be too wide for me. I had blisters on the only serious hike I took them on. Also it seemed they really didn't breath very well. The Salewas are definitely a little narrower with the footbeds stock and I think breath much better.

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These are amazingly light for how burly they are, so I'd work that into the equation as well. Also, the soles are nearly as grippy as climbing shoes, so for any scrambling with a pack on where you'd want your ankle unhindered, these shoes will make you feel secure.