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For a trip of a lifetime (destination...

For a trip of a lifetime (destination Nepal)... One shot at getting the images - still and video (HDV camera) - no guaranteed power supplies available. Will it reliably recharge lithium ion batteries, etc. (A/C)? Can it be attached to the exterior of a pack while hiking? How long per battery? How does elevation affect its performance? Is this the best solution - or can you recommend something more ideal (smaller, but just as efficient)?

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From Brunton:"That panel is more than adequate to charge most any battery. The problem arise from connecting the battery to the panel. They come with several different cords. One of which, the 12v adaptor, I've found the most useful. This essentially is the female end of a car cigarette lighter. Any sort of car-charger will function well with this adapter. Your customer mentions AC, but all panels produce DC. If they were to purchase some sort of aftermarket car adapter with a standard AC plug built in, they would be able to use their standard wall charger in conjunction with the panel. Length of time depends on battery size and light conditions. I usually tell folks to give it at least 4 hours. This particular panel would probably be too large to wear on the outside of the pack. The Solaris 12 might work better for that. All of them come with metal grommets for tying-down or attaching the panels. Elevations should not affect the performance. Indeed, higher elevations will probably see better performance. I might recommend using the panel in conjunction with some sort of storage device (battery). Our Solo line (the 7.5 would be good for him) really makes the whole process a breeze. It's only 2 pounds....despite what our website says."