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Gear Question

For a 118 cm ski would it be better to go...

For a 118 cm ski would it be better to go with the xxl brake at 115 mm and bend it or with the 130mm brake.

Thanks in advance

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Oops I mean a what brake would be best for a 118mm wide ski :)

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Hey Chad,

Thanks for the question. When it comes to putting the Look Pivot 18 Ski Binding on a ski with a 118mm waist, I would say to go with the 130mm brake. The 130mm will have a much cleaner fit and usually you can bend a 115mm brake to fit that width, but the brake on the Look Pivot design has a bit more of a temperamental design and isn't easy to bend without inhibiting the brake functions.

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Thank you for getting back to me. Do you think that I will have any issues with Drag with the 130mm Brake?

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That's crap. I run the 115 brake on my Renegades (122 waist) with just a little splay in the arms (not a bend), and it works out just fine. I'd definitely want the 130 on skis with a 125+ waist, but I'd go 115 on skis 120 or under to avoid extra slop in the system.

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I appreciate both of your guys feed back.
Thank you,

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I have some 115 mm brakes on some 118 mm skis, a good shop can bend a few mm out of the brakes. If you have brakes too wide, the brakes will tend to snag on stuff you don't want it to snag on.