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Gear Question

Excuse me~ I have some question about the...

Excuse me~ I have some question about the Large bags.

Why is the large size of bag much cheaper than the median one(same color)?
Is the larger one second hand? Or does it have some differences with the small one?

And it doesn't have the Tough-Tek Strap Pad(no-slip material), right?
(I mean this one
So is the strap pad Ballistic like this? (
Because I'm wondering that is it necessary to buy a new ballistic strap pad for this bag.

I'd like purchase three bags. Can I pay for credit card?

Thank you for replying my questions. *^-^*
Have a nice day~~

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There aren't any larges left at this point, but if I would have to guess, I would say that the large is cheaper than the medium of the same color because the large size is HUGE. Seriously. I got a large and returned it it was so big, so I think the medium would be more expensive because it's in higher demand (much more reasonable sized bag).
I'm not sure on the strap pad but I would have say that the regular ballistic strap is most likely the one that comes with the bag.
Yes, you can pay with a credit card.