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Every other website lists this as a 4...

Every other website lists this as a 4 season tent. With 5000mm fly and 10000mm floor (according to marmots website) it would seem that this tent belongs to the 4 season category. Does anyone have experience with this tent in mountaineering conditions?

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There really isn't an industry standard to determine the difference between a 3 and 4 season tent. Some sites may list this tent as a 4 season to try and increase the sales of this model. Even on their own website though, Marmot hesitates to classify this tent as one or the other. In general, a 4 season tent tends to be more sturdy, has heavier fabrics and materials, less mesh and breathable fabric for airflow ventilation, and often has pole sleeves as opposed to clips (as this tent does). This tent, with its storm flaps, the 5000mm fly and 10,000mm floor, is on the rugged side as 3-season tents go. But even so, it was designed with ventilation and weight-saving materials in mind, making it less than ideal for winter camping. This isn't to say that you couldn't use this tent as a 4-season... but there are dedicated 4-season tents that would be a better option. If Marmot or marketed the Widi as a 4 season tent, there would be a lot of dissatisfied winter campers out there.