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Does this work on charging iphone 4 &...

Does this work on charging iphone 4 & iphone 5? What about ipads? THANK YOU in ADVANCE!

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This is capable of charging the iphones (4 & 5), but it will do so pretty slowly. It will be comparable to the charging rate when your phone is plugged in to your computer USB instead of the wall outlet. It might charge an iPad, but it will have to have the screen turned off and will take 4-5x longer than it normally would if plugged in to the iPad wall outlet. The 1 amp (1000ma) output of this solar panel is likely max when in full sun, so don't expect a full charge on your phone in less than 4-5 hours.

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Just an addendum to what Matt said: the wall charger for an iPad is 12W, and this solar charger peaks at 1W. So best case scenario, it'll charge twelve times slower than it would at home. The iPhone/iPod charger has an output of 5W, so you're looking at 4-5 times longer.