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Does this stove burn Gasoline/Petrol? I'm...

Does this stove burn Gasoline/Petrol? I'm suprised that it seems every fuel is listed except for gas. I'd rather burn Gas than diesel at cold temps anyways, knowing about the diesel gel point. Anyone know about this?

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Yes, it burns regular unleaded gasoline. Number 2 diesel gels at about 10 degrees F, so gasoline, kerosene, or white gas are always going to be better performers for temps below that. Gasoline freezes at -43f, K-1 at -30f, white gas at -22f. Hope that helped.

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Most descriptions take for granted the Nova burns gas however this stove burns white gas the best. Whenever burning unleaded gas, I've experienced an erratic flame due to additives including ethanol. Also the jet needs cleaning/maintenance more often. I've used unleaded gas only in emergency situations.