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Does this pack have a harness good for...

Does this pack have a harness good for biking? I was looking at the Quasar and the Flare, two similar osprey packs, and both say they have one but I couldn't tell if this pack does.

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A very small harness try to look at the "Ospery Manta"

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The Comet is the same build as the Quasar so it will have the same harness. So in short, yes.

Also, because the Manta has a rigid frame for carrying hiking gear, I've seen it fit only 60-75% of people well while biking--when sitting in the "biking" position, the frame sometimes rubs in certain areas on the lower back as you pedal if the pack doesn't fit you well enough. I would actually recommend the Momentum 26--it's pretty sweet for biking.