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Does this one realistically sleep two...

Does this one realistically sleep two through a night? Would it be comfortable for a couple who needs a little movement but not much as we are big cuddlers/spooners anyway? Thanks!!

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hammocks are notorious for not being good for more than one... even the most enthusiastic spooner will get tired of having another persons elbow jammed into them because of the hammocks curvature. these packable hammocks are great, for one. i wouldnt bank on a long nights sleep. mostly because they only attach at one anchor point.

if you dont need it to be travel friendly i would get a rope/cloth hammock with a spreader.....this is the wooden piece where the rope is threaded through, which makes it so each side of the hammock are not forced together due the the weight in the middle

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I disagree with Stuart up there. I've had a great nights sleep in one of these with another person and I have couple friends who slept through a night with three in one. If you guys are cuddlers you won't have a problem at all. Especially after a few beers ;)