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Does this hammock come with rope to hang...

Does this hammock come with rope to hang it with?

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I see that you've asked this about all of the ENO hammocks, and the answer is that none of them do. From the FAQ page on the ENO site: "Your hammock will come with two 5/16'' carabiners on the ends that you can use to attach to whatever strapping or connecting device (ropes, webbing, ect.) for the objects you are using as your mounting points."

These carabiners are heavy, crappy steel.

My recommendation would be to get 20ft of 3/4" tubular nylon climbing webbing, as well as 2 C.A.M.P. nano 23 carabiners. This will give you an easy to set up and take down system that is fairly cheap, fairly light, and has a very low impact on the bark of the trees you wrap the webbing around. Webbing can be easily tied with an overhand on a bight.

ENO does make "slap straps" which work to quickly set up hammocks as well, but they are much more expensive and less versatile than making your own.