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Does the stiffness of Sterling PowerCord...

Does the stiffness of Sterling PowerCord make it difficult to securely tighten a clove hitch?
Are there any other drawbacks of Sterling PowerCord related stiffness or other factors in anchor building?

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Yes, it is stiff. Makes good rap tat. But nothing I want to sue on a regualr basis.

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It is stiff. I have managed to tighten clove hitches just fine. Comparatively, dressing the knots can be a little bit more time. Excess portions of the cord tend to remain straight, so in the case of the equal-ette setup, the slack portion makes a stiff loop - giving the anchor a 'not as nice clean' look, though utility is not diminished. I rack it untied, butterflied, and clipped to a biner. Its compact and easy to tie a masterpoint.