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Does the lid get brittle when it gets cold?...

Does the lid get brittle when it gets cold? I've always heated or cooled my thermos before filling it with my drink. This would be intended to keep things cold and id be tempted to put it in the freezer over night. Would I have to worry about dropping the bottle and breaking the lid if i did this? Also how durable is the finish on these bottles Do they scratch easy?

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The finish is a very durable powdercoating (I've got two Hydro Flask bottles). I've put them through the wringer, brought them climbing, bounced them off rocks and so on without a scratch. And the lid doesn't get brittle at all. I've used it skiing to keep tea warm, so the lid was sitting buried in snow in weather much below freezing for hours on end. No loss of strength, as far as I can tell. Certainly not from a simple drop.