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Does the bite valve leak? I like to add...

Does the bite valve leak? I like to add Emergen-C and other powdered drink mixes to my bladder to take the iodine taste out as well as give me a much needed boost on long trips into the backcountry, I am yet to find a bite valve that doesn't leave colorful little streaks down all my clothing, my last one left me smelling of strawberries 6 miles into the Griz infested Montana wilderness!

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It does a decent job stopping leaks but like most bladders I have used it is not 100%. If you are looking for something completely leak-proof I would look for something with a shutoff valve, or just stick with Nalgenes.

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Sadly I think it leaks way too easily. Mine has a shutoff valve and if I forget to flip it I'll start wondering why I'm sweating in a random weird spot before figuring out what's going on. It pinches way too easily.

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It does alright, but one time after a long steep hike to a spring to fill my water at Havasupai, I set my backpack down on a rock while I took a dip, and when I got back to my pack the bladder was completely drained. The pack was sitting on the valve, and had squeezed it and let all the water out. After that I bought the hydrolock and haven't had any problems since.