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Does it meet the standards for carry-on...

Does it meet the standards for carry-on luggage?

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Hey Anthony,

The standards of carry on luggage are:

U.S. - Most U.S. domestic, non commuter airlines 22"x14"x9". Many allow a second smaller item as well such as a tote, cosmetic bag, briefcase, etc.
International - 18"x14"x9" - This is a recommended carry-on size and will very from airline to airline.

The dimensions for this bag are:
22.5" x 10.75" x 7.5" (depth). Based on the regular

hope this helps...

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I've used mine as a carry on multiple times, with it stuffed to the max.

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I've carried this bag many times (both domestic and international) as cabin baggage and haven't had any problems till now - just try to make sure that you don't strap on too many appendages like jackets, bottles, rain gear spilling over externally! Keep it inconspicuous!